Redeemer Church has a commitment to biblical leadership as well as leadership development.  Currently the church is primarily led by our pastor, Micah Caswell, but eventually elders and deacons will be appointed.  Even though this leadership structure will be established, we also recognize the responsibility the congregation has in the decision making process.  Ultimately biblical leadership is about sacrificial service highlighted in our redeemer’s life through washing his disciples’ feet and dying for their sins.

We are not only committed to develop leaders in the church, but also the home and our city.  We have begun leadership development groups and a training track for emerging leaders.  For more information please email Micah Caswell.

Meet Our Staff:

2016 Redeemer -23

Micah Caswell, Pastor

Email: Micah@redeemerdenton.com

Josh Yen, Associate Pastor

Email: Josh@redeemerdenton.com

Reece Bishop, Student Pastor

Email: Reece@redeemerdenton.com


Cory Troup, Pastoral Intern

Email: Cory.redeemerdenton@gmail.com

 Shannon Herrington, Women’s Ministry Director

Email: Women@redeemerdenton.com



“I’m excited that God has brought my best friend Micah Caswell back to Denton to plant Redeemer Church. South Denton is an area packed with people, and more Gospel-loving churches are welcomed and needed. “

-Ross Appleton, Pastor of Christ Community Church of Denton


“We are excited to work alongside Micah and Redeemer Church to accomplish all God wants in Denton County!  Micah is a solid Bible teacher and leader, with great experience as a church planting pastor.”

-Brian Blenden, Pastor of Crosspointe Community Church of Corinth


“My wife and I have known Micah and Kristen since their childhood and have had the privilege of watching them both grow strong in character, knowledge and wisdom in The Lord.   Micah is a strong servant leader with a passion for The Lord  and people. What a blessing they both have been and continue to be to us and The Body of Christ.”

-Joe Davis


The rapid population growth in Denton to the south and southeast has created a real need for additional churches in the area.  Micah Caswell, returning to Denton after growing up here, brings a church planting background and a desire to see people experience a relationship with Jesus as he leads in the beginning of Redeemer Church of Denton.  I believe that this is a great step forward in reaching Denton with the Gospel”

-Gary Loudermilk, former Director of Missions, Denton Baptist Association


“In years past, churches could sit on their own street corners and mind their own business.  Not anymore.  Now more than ever we need kingdom-minded churches and pastors working together in our community.  When there is more of us saying the same things and praying the same prayers, Denton will change.  I am very happy Micah Caswell has come back home to Denton – he’s a kingdom-minded man and Redeemer Church will be a kingdom-minded church.”

-Jim Mann, Pastor of New Life Church of Denton


“Micah Caswell was one of my Young Guns in my leadership program and he proved faithful in knowledge, character, ministry and family. He is a skilled and tested man who will know God’s blessing wherever he is allowed to minister.”

-Tom Nelson, Pastor of Denton Bible Church


“Micah and his wife Kristen are products of First Baptist Denton.  Their families have been faithful members of First Denton for decades.  Micah’s brother is currently our student minister and both of their fathers serve as deacons here.”

-Jeff Williams, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Denton

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