We love Denton.  We are starting a new church in south Denton because we love south Denton.  This church is an outworking of our heart for our city.  We are less interested in building a big church, and much more interested in loving Denton.

South Denton is like other cities where people struggle to make ends meet, many suffer from the ailments of poor health, some struggle to find meaning in life, others abuse drugs and alcohol, spouses become embittered, parents strive for ways to shepherd their children, and kids fumble trying to form their identities.  The Gospel speaks to all these issues and a church can serve each of these needs.

All of this means that we are actively searching for ways to serve those in need.  We are committed to meeting tangible needs.  Even our Neighborhood Groups are designed to figure out ways to help the hurting.

Our heart for south Denton is not rooted in arrogance because we feel we have all the answers or think we are better than others.  Our heart for south Denton is grounded in the love and grace that God has shown us.  We are simply broken people longing to love broken people.

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