Redeemer Church has a unique emphasis on ministry to the entire family. We are striving for comprehensive ministries to children. We believe the Bible has established two institutions to minister to children; the family and the church. Parents are to shepherd the hearts of their children, but the church also a key role to play in the discipleship of children. Some believe the church should do all the spiritual mentoring of their children, others think the church has very little role to play in the spiritual lives of their kids. We want to avoid both poles.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to teach children and youth the gospel in the context of Sunday School, Neighborhood Groups, and other times of gathering. We are committed to recruiting our best people to teach our little ones. We are also committed to designating as much resources as possible towards ministry to children. We will cast a vision for parents to raise up their children in godliness. Our commitment is to equip parents with resources and events to shepherd their children.
Our Values

We want to have a SAFE, FUN, and BIBLICAL children’s ministry. Each of these values builds upon the next. Without a safe environment to learn in, it does not matter how fun or biblical it might be. Without fun in the mix, children will be disengaged with what we are trying to communicate to them. With all three in place, we can work to lay the foundation of discipleship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the next generation KNOW, LOVE and HONOR God in such a way that it influences the world around them. Everything we do is targeted toward this end. We want to see children changed by the Gospel in such a way that it effects every aspect of their life.

Our Ministry

Even in these early stages, we want to provide opportunities for children to be discipled. Redeemer Kids is what we call our children’s Sunday School classes. Everything we do in these classes is aimed to point children to Jesus. We use the Gospel Story for Kids Curricullum which is an exceptional resource in giving children a strong foundation through engaging and gospel-centered activities, Bible memorization, singing, and lessons. For safety purposes, each child is given a Security Tag when they come to Redeemer Kids. Their parents are given the matching Security Stub to ensure the safe check in and check out of every child. Currently we have 4 classes:

– Upper Elementary (avg. attendance 11)

– Lower Elementary (avg. attendance 12)

– Preschool (avg. attendance 8)

– Infant (avg. attendance 4)

Parent Resources

– Monthly Memory Verses HERE

– Child Development Page HERE

– Devotional Activity Guide HERE


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