Neighborhood Groups are the heart of our church.  They are designed to dwell in our neighborhoods in a way that points people to Jesus.  Dwelling in Community means that these groups strive to love one another.  These groups study the Word together as well as have fun and socialize together.  These groups also serve together.  They are tasked with discovering tangible needs in their neighborhoods as well as serving those in need in the city of Denton.

Below is a listing of our Neighborhood Groups with the email address of the group’s leader.  Please contact the leader with any questions about the group.  Because our Neighborhood Groups do not meet every week, our Events Calendar also lists when each group is meeting.


Redeemer 101 Group

Leaders: Micah & Kristen Caswell
Hosts: Micah & Kristen Caswell
When: Sundays at 4:30pm


Oakmont Group

Leaders: Malcolm & Melanie Quon and Andy & Jillian Crenshaw
Co-Leaders: Reece & Stacie Bishop
Hosts: Reece & Stacie Bishop
When: Mondays at 6:00pm


River Oaks Group

Leaders: Josh & Mallery Yen
Hosts: Will & Michelle Barns
When: Tuesdays at 6:00pm


Teasley Ln. Group

Leaders: Michael & Beth Smith
Co-Leaders: Earl & Shannon Herrington
Hosts: rotating homes
When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm


Downtown Denton Group

Leaders: Jim & Liz Spoonts
Co-Leaders: Matt & Katie Holley
Hosts: Jim & Liz Spoonts
When: Saturdays at 6:00pm

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