Redeemer Church is committed to serving those in need in our own city. We understand that serving the suffering and marginalized is an outworking of the gospel of grace that God has poured out upon us. Our posture is not to judge, we simply view ourselves as broken people helping broken people. Below you will find different opportunities to serve our city. Email our Associate Pastor Josh Yen ( for more information about any of our service opportunities.




In parntership with Refuge for Women North Texas, we are hosting an event to raise awareness about human trafficking and sexual exploitation that is happening right here in Denton County. Refuge for Women is a non-profit ministry which provides a place of escape for sexually exploited women. They provide these women a place to experience healing with few distractions.

We are trying to raise $2000 to do some improvements for the Refuge for Women safehouse. We are also collecting gift cards to Walmart for the ministry to use to buy household items.

Due to the sensitive nature of the issue we will be discussing, we are providing childcare with a separate area for kids while parents are in the meeting. We will have some games, bounce houses, and other fun things for the kids to do during our time.

We hope you can join us as we learn more about this and how we can help.

– Date: Saturday, June 10th
– Time: 4:30 – 6:00pm
– Location: Game On Athletics (2686 Old Alton, 76210)



Service Project

From the early days of Redeemer Church, we have sought to love and serve McNair Elementary School where we first launched. This school has a special place in our history and in our heart. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1-5), we will be collecting baked goods to take to the staff at McNair. You can bring your baked goods (homemade or store bought) on Sunday, April 30th, or drop them off with us on Monday, as well. If you’d like more information on how to be a part of it, email Associate Pastor Josh Yen (


Service Project

Join us for a Service Project on Saturday at Brookdale South Senior Living Center.  We will bless residents with Easter Cards and singing. Email Associate Pastor Josh Yen ( for more details.

–Date: Saturday, April 15th

–Time: 12:45 – 1:45 pm

–Location: Brookdale Denton South (2525 Lillian Miller Pkwy, 76210)



Service Project

For February, we will be serving at Twice As Nice Resale Store. We will help them fold clothes, organize things, clean the store, etc. This is a great opportunity for us to be able to physically do something to help support and fight for the sanctity of life. We hope you are able to join us!
  • Date: Saturday, February 18
  • Time: 10am – 12pm
  • Location: Park at Zera’s Coffee (420 E McKinney St) and come up to the main glass doors for Twice as Nice Resale (413 E Oak St).
  • Recommended dress: Jeans, T-shirt, Light Jacket, Closed Shoes
  • Optional extras to bring: Aprons, Gloves, Water



Service Project

Diaper Drive

In light of Sanctity of Life Sunday, we are having a diaper drive to support a local Pregnancy Center.  Please bring diapers (sized newborn – 2) to the Worship Service on Sunday, January 22nd.


Service Project

McNair Angel Tree

Once again this year we will be serving the families of McNair Elementary by sponsoring angels from their student body. This is an amazing opportunity to serve families that need help at Christmas time. Pick up your angels following the worship service on Sunday, December 4th and bring the gifts back on Sunday, December 11th already wrapped with the angel taped on the gift(s).

Christmas Carols at Brookdale

Join us as we sing Christmas carols at Brookdale Denton South Assisted Living Center on December 17th. We have served at Brookdale at Easter the last three years and have enjoyed getting to know the residents. This is a great event for the whole family to be a part of as we share the joy we have found in Jesus.

-Day: Saturday, December 17th

-Time: 10:00 am

-Location: Brookdale Denton South (2525 Lillian Miller Pkwy, 76210)


Service Project

Join us as we partner with other local churches to serve thousands of our neighbors for the 30th annual Thanksgiving Community Banquet. Hosted at Calhoun Middle School on Thanksgiving Day, our church is going to be help cleaning up following the event. We as a church will meet up at Game On (2686 Old Alton, 76210) at 12:30pm to caravan over to Calhoun Middle School (709 W Congress St, 76201).

– Date: Thursday, November 24th
– Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm (we will meet at 12:30pm to go over to help with clean up)
– Location: Meet at Game On Athletics (2686 Old Alton, 76210) to head over to Calhoun Middle School (709 W Congress St, 76201). The Thanksgiving Banquet is held at the cafeteria, on the east side of the campus, on Denton St., between W. Parkway St. and Pearl St.



Service Project

We are going to be changing things up a bit since Kroger ended up unable to host our upcoming Trunk or Treat.  Instead, we are excited about the opportunity to missionally engage our neighborhoods on Halloween.

Be out in your yard to welcome trick or treaters.  This is a great and easy way to get to now the people who live in your neighborhood.  We will be providing you with glow stick necklaces and bracelets along with small flyers to hand out in addition to your candy this year.  We encourage you to get creative with this and invite others to help.  This can be done within Neighborhood Groups and even with your neighbors.  Here are a few creative ways you can make this Halloween great:

-Grill hotdogs to serve

-Play fun Halloween music

-Set out small carnival-style games with small prizes

-Create a mini-pumpkin painting station

-Create a temporary tattoo station

-Order a bounce house

-Give out full size candy bars

-Have a bubble machine going

These are just a few ideas.  You can also just sit out in your front yard and hand out candy with the glow sticks.  No matter what you do, use this as an opportunity to get to know your neighbors.  if the opportunity is there, find out how you can be praying for them or invite them to church.


Service Project

We will kick off the Fall with a canned food drive benefiting First Refuge Ministries. We will be giving you flyers on Sunday, September 11th at our Worship Service to be handed out in your neighborhoods. The next Sunday we will all go out to our neighborhoods and gather the canned goods. Finally, we will bring all the canned goods back for the September 25th Worship Service. For more information, email our Associate Pastor Josh Yen ( You can find out more about First Refuge Ministries at this LINK.

– Pickup Flyers: Sunday, September 11th at the Worship Service
– Handout Flyers in Your Neighborhood: The week of September 11-17
– Pickup Canned Goods in Your Neighborhood: Sunday, September 18th after church
– Bring Canned Goods: Sunday, September 25th for the Worship Service.

Service Sunday

If you’re unable to take part in our Service Project, no problem. You can still take part in helping First Refuge Ministries. On Sunday, September 25th, bring some canned goods from your house or buy some from the store to bring.

– Date: Sunday, September 25th
– Location: Game On Athletics (2686 Old Alton, 76210)


We have a great relationship with McNair Elementary that we have built over the last few years. This August we will continue to pour into this McNair as we serve the students and teachers in a couple ways.

Service Project

We will bake (or buy) some treats for the teachers on their first in-service day on August 11th. What should you bring? Think cupcakes, cookies, or other tasty things. This was a big hit at the close of the school year and we had a lot of positive feedback from the teachers. They really felt honored and blessed by our church. To sign up to bring something, email our Associate Pastor Josh Yen (

– Date: Thursday, August 11th
– Drop-off Time: 10:00am (or you can make arrangements to drop off earlier for us to take)
– Location: McNair Elementary (1212 Hickory Creek Rd, 76210)

Service Sunday

We will also stuff backpacks full of school supplies for students who need them during the school year like we did last year. Buy a simple backpack and fill it with different school supplies. What should you fill it with? Pencils, notebook paper, crayons, markers, glue sticks, construction paper, etc. We will bring these back for our Service Sunday on August 7th.


During the Summer, we focus on engaging and serving our city through various events held throughout the Summer. To find out more, visit our Summer page HERE.


Service Project

From the early days of Redeemer Church, we have sought to love and serve McNair Elementary School where we first launched. This school has a special place in our history and in our heart. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6), we will be focussing on the teachers and administrators at McNair for our Service Project. We will be getting together at Game On Athletics to make cards and write notes to teachers on May 1st following our Worship Service. We would love for some of our people to bake some homemade treats for us to take as well. If you do bake something, go ahead and bring it on Sunday. We will then deliver the cards, notes, and some refreshments to the staff of McNair Elementary during the week. If you’d like more information on how to be a part of it, email Associate Pastor Josh Yen (

– Date: Sunday, May 1st
– Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm
– Location: Game On Athletics (2686 Old Alton, 76210)


Service Project

From the very first Easter at Redeemer Church, we have visited the residents of a local senior living center (Brookdale Denton South). This year we will gather together prior to our visit to load up baskets of candy (some sugar-free of course) and decorate Easter Cards to hand deliver to them. In years past, seeing all the interactions between these residents and our people has been one of the highlights of the year. We hope you will come join us in loving our neighbors well.

– Date: Saturday, March 26th
– Time: 12:45 – 2:30pm
– Location: We will meet at Game On Athletics (2686 Old Alton, 76210) and head over to Brookdale Denton South (2525 Lillian Miller Pkwy, 76210) at 1:15pm


Service Sunday

Did you get a whole bunch of gifts cards at Christmas? Some of which you know you will never use? Well we have great news! For February, we will be gathering unused gift cards to support the ministry of Broomtree International to reach the nations with the Gospel. Broomtree works to direct resources for short term needs that advance long term strategies. You can read more about them at their website: Be sure to be in service on Sunday, February 21st to hear more about how you can give!


Service Project

In light of Right to Life Sunday, we will be serving Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource at their resale store Twice as Nice.

– Date: Saturday, January 16th
– Time: 9:30-11:30am
– Location: Park at the Zera’s Coffee parking lot (420 E McKinney St # 104, Denton, TX 76209) and come up to the main glass doors for Twice as Nice Resale (413 E Oak St, Denton, TX 76201).
– Recommended dress code: Jeans, T-shirt, Light Jacket, Closed-toe Shoes
– Optional extras to bring: Aprons, Gloves, Water

Service Sunday

For the upcoming Right to Life Sunday, we will be giving out baby bottles for you to collect change in. All the change we collect will go to support Woman to Woman Pregnancy Center. Be sure to be in service Sunday, January 17th to pick up your bottle!

Want to serve more?

Here are some organizations we partner with in serving our city:

McNair Elementary

– Contact: Deanne Harrup, School Counselor (

Brookdale Denton South Senior Living

– Contact: (940) 320-1926

Twice as Nice

– Contact: Lib Harris (

First Refuge

– Subscribe to an email list to receive service opportunities
– Contact: Jodi Massey (

Serve Denton

– Subscribe to an email list to receive service opportunities
– Contact: Heather Quinn (

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

– Contact:



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